Human Resources

Most of us have heard of Human Resources in one way or another. But I didn’t really know what it meant, or where it came from or what its purpose was. I was never bothered to ask these questions, as I didn’t believe they were relevant to me. But after this module, Human Resources is my favorite topic and the most interesting subject we have had in the Service Management program so far.

I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist, as I believe it to be most fundamental for understanding how everything else is operated. As we human beings have created the society we live in, and have influenced the world around us. Realizing who we are, what we are capable of, what our strength and weaknesses are and what motivates us is the first step in self-development. This is not only fascinating on a personal level but also on an organizational level, as it allows managers to behave in a way that ultimately is going to create success for the company. The goal of the Human Resource department is to help individuals achieve their personal and professional and help them develop into a better version of them selves. The fact that it will generate more productivity, by creating more job satisfaction among other things, is just a by-product and a bonus for the company. Working in this department allows you to get close and personal with employees and care about their well-being, even if it is for the wrong reasons (make the organization more profitable) it has to be done with sincerity and a genuine feeling of care to have any impact on the employee.

Unlike many of my co-students I very much enjoyed reading about spirituality and Human Resources as I believe it to be a very important combination. Mindfulness is the new buzzword everywhere as more and more studies are being conducted in the field and more and more people are realizing the benefits of it. I myself practice it regularly, and have witnessed the amazing ripple-like-effect of it in my everyday life, and know that it gives me an advantage in this competitive world. It was therefore very interesting to read about how managers and leaders across the world are opening up about spirituality and what impact it has had in their personal and professional life and how they dealt with doubters. I can imagine it to be extremely difficult to introduce a concept like mindfulness to corporations who usually deal with hard cold data. Many questions that were mentioned in the text resonated with me and I am very happy to know that there are pioneers who have done the hard work and have opened up about spirituality and its benefits as it makes my job easier when I hopefully get a job in an HR department.

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