SAS 40+41


In weeks 40 + 41 to start off with a company visit to Radisson Blu Hotel & Congress Center in Frederiksberg and from there in teams to work with a description of the strategy of the company using the Strategic Service Vision framework as well as suggesting quality improvements and on an individual student basis to service blueprint an observed process and suggest an improvement of one failure point.


Week 40+41: We begin Monday afternoon visiting Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel & Conference Center. Current second year and former service management students will be the guides into this service and experience company providing information for the upcoming two week analysis. There will be a tour of the house as well as a sit down lecture hosted by employees. During the company visit the students should try and identify quality gaps in the service delivery. It may be internal or external gaps. At the end the students are to submit one part of the analysis made in the team and one other part made by the student him/herself.

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