SIXT 47-51

Story line

In this module we will work with external analyses and field research. Throughout the module we will work with methodology as a tool for analyzing, researching and writing. Internal and external analyses together constitute a situational analysis of a company.

Students in teams will conduct an internal analysis of a chosen service company. We will analyze the market conditions for the case company in lectures.In teams students will analyze the market of their chosen service company using both desk and field research in their analyses.

The module will result in a written situation analysis of the chosen company. The report will be structured methodologically as an academic report following the requirements for writing project in the service management program.


Choose a service company and analyze its internal resources. Prepare an internal analysis of the company. In your conclusion draft a research question you might want to answer in your situational analysis.

Refresh research question for your chosen service company and create motivation. Conduct an external analysis and combine with your findings about internal strength and weaknesses – and elaborate these. Present the result in a written report following guidelines for writing an academic project report at the service management program.



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