Tivoli FredagsRock 44-45


Working together in blended teams, 1st semester students from Computer Science and Service Management must specify a queuing application which the Computer Science students implement. The focus is on customer collaboration and the Service Management students act as customers whereas the Computer Science students will have the role of system developers. Together, you must achieve an understanding of system requirements for an IT system as expressed by the customers (service management students) in a non-IT vocabulary. The Computer Science students, as system developers, are expected to actively help elicit and capture requirements. A closing ceremony is to be arranged by the Service Management students where all teams will be showcasing each their game to be evaluated by the other teams in order to find the best product (prototype). The event will be project planned using an online project planning tool and an appropriate measurement on return on objectives’ evaluation plan as well as an official evaluation of the closing ceremony must be included.


The Service Management students have three roles in the project.

  • As a company act as customers for the queuing system
  • Project manage the event 6 Nov. afternoon including a contest among participant’s submissions and conduct an event evaluation based on return on objectives submitted 31 oct.
  • Carry out an evaluation of the 2 week project among service management students based on return on objectives.

Computer Science students are the system developers/programmers. Their tasks are to:

  • Explore, understand and document the system requirements (what does the customer want!)
  • Implement the requirements as a Java application in Netbeans (producing a system to the customer!) that can be presented and evaluated at an official project closing ceremony on Thursday November 6
  • Select appropriate event evaluation method based on return on objectives

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